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Joppiesaus, coffee shops, and tulips – oh my!

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From our hometown, Hameln, to Amsterdam it is ca. 3,5 hrs (zoom, zoom Autobahn) by car or train. The public transportation systems are very complex and offer a variety of options when planning a trip – even throughout Europe.

We went to Amsterdam with friends by car. We left in the morning and once we arrived in Amsterdam, it took a bit to find a parking space. We strolled along the many coffee shops and since it was still early in the day, the red light district did not look like one at all.

It was just shortly after Christmas, so the ice rink was still up by the ” I Amsterdam”-sign on Amsterdam’s Museumplein. A man was blowing big bubbles in the air while kids were chasing them, and we watched them for a while before getting a steaming glass of delicious Glöck.

We ate dutch fries with lots of juppiesaus (best sauce on fries EVER!!) while we walked the streets and looked into the shops here and there.

Amsterdam has a lot of beautiful boutiques and Interessentin stores throughout the core of the city. But watch out for the bikes! Amsterdam is well-known for the popularity of bikes as daily transportation and they ain’t got no time for someone standing in their way! Trust me, you learn your lesson real fast… or at least I did after carelessly taking a photo without watching where was standing.

After we stuffed our bellies with fries, we went along the Bloemenmarkt (Flower Market) while we were enchanted by the abundance of beautiful flowers (not only tulips).

We had purchased tickets for the Anne Frank house and once we arrived, we were glad we booked them in advance as there was a long line in front of the entrance; however, we got to skip that line. The Anne Frank house is a must on your first visit to Amsterdam. Even if you are not into museums, this one is worth it.

We walked through the red light district after sundown and the atmosphere has expectedly and drastically changed.

Our trip to Amsterdam was fun and relaxed as we did not go by any itinerary. We wanted to spend a friends’ day together while taking in the beautiful architecture and the interesting culture of Amsterdam.

We are planning on returning by the end of this spring, this time with itinerary and a long list of places we want to visit. Stay tuned!


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