Hometown Wayfarer

When I grew up in Hameln, I did not care much for it – obviously since I ended up leaving for seven years. It wasn’t until last year’s Christmas visit when I realized I had been walking around town blindly and missing all the beauty and history Hameln actually had to offer.
Now, that I moved back “home”, I am still in awe of some of the architectural work and the upkeep of the town’s history to which I had closed my eyes previously.
For that reason, I dedicated a big part of my blog to this quaint, German town and I am looking forward to rediscovering it while walking down the path of the Pied Piper.

It is exciting to be a tourist in the same city you were born in. Funny enough, I used to park my car in the same neighborhood I now live in. But back then, I remember walking through the neighborhood, then across the bridge, and into the city with my eyes fixated on the asphalt. I did not notice the sun rising across the other bridge, slowly making it’s way towards the still sleep-drunken town. Now, I take notice of the buildings’ historical heritage in the oldest part of the town, and even in the so-called “younger part” of Hameln where rows of gorgeous Jugenstil (or Art Nouveau) homes line up along old one-way streets.

Hameln’s Art Nouveau district reminds of the changes that came with the turn of the century; however, today most of the homes are not only used as apartments, but also as office space as well as doctor offices. However, one of these Jugendstil houses is the home of a hotel which goes by the same name – Hotel Jugenstil. The building was built in 1903 and 90 years later, it was carefully reconstructed and restored. It is close the the city’s historic core as well as the shopping center (which is turning ten years old this year). This hotel is another example of how I used to walk blindly through Hameln: what used to be just a way to my mom’s work has now become interesting and beautiful.

No matter where I am walking around Downtown, I still take pictures of places I especially enjoy. Lots of these are featured in Hometown Love.




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