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Klütviertel – where the Bourgeoisie used to hang out

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Even though Hameln wasn’t initially our first choice when looking for apartments, I am glad we decided to stick around for a bit longer. We ended up in the Klütviertel – a place I had fallen in love with as a child (who can blame me, some of these villas looked like castles to a little girl’s eyes). We are less than 15 walk minutes away from the historical city center of Hameln and Teddy loves that he can run off leash through the fields and along the river which is located just two blocks away from our new home.

Now that Spring has finally arrived, Teddy and I decided to explore our neighborhood together while gratefully taking in every sunny moment throughout our afternoon stroll.

The neighborhood we live in has a lot of apartment rows – some are older and survived World War II, but others were added later throughout the decades. Our building must have been built in the 60s. There are still a handful of details that remind of the 60s style like the doorbell or the bathroom door. I also think the little built-in pantry in our kitchen as well as the big windows and design of the interior doors add to that 60s flair.

Thankfully, it is also only a 15 minute walk to the next grocery stores. Sometimes I take the bus into the city and combine it with a trip to my parents’ apartment. Josh and I usually like to come by on the weekends for coffee and cake, or for a fun dinner with the parents. Lately, I have been ditching the bus and walked instead. The weather has been nice and I cannot get enough of feeling the sun on my face. Josh’s favorite grocery store is in the mall, I; however, dislike it. I think it is unorganized and usually too crowded, but Josh says it reminds him of the bigger supermarkets in Kentucky.

Our neighborhood is also home of a couple of bakeries. One (the Susdorf Konditorei) has been family owned for decades. My mom used to go there for a treat when she was a child. I love how things have become full circle. We live a few feet away from a Döner Kebab place, called the Weser Imbiss– it’s a blessing and a curse at the same time as “picking up a Döner pizza” happens quite too frequently. The Hotel Garni Bellevue is also in the Klütviertel and a nice location for a weekend getaway to get to know a quaint German city. It is also a prime spot for travelers with bikes as it is close to beautiful bike paths- long and short distance.


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